• Zoukie-Mura F-4J Phantom II Navy VF-142 USS AMERICA

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      SuperWingsSerie No.9
      Plastic Model Kit 1:48

      F-4J Phantom II Navy

      Plastic Model Kit
      (including 2-color molded parts, clear and grey)

      Total Parts: 381

      New release with VF-142 Ghostriders decals!

      1. The biggest hurdle in the development of this kit was fully expressing the characteristic external shape of the F-4, including the wide nose with its sharply-pointed tip and the large intakes protruding from either side. The SWS kit is based on our examination of the actual aircraft to faithfully reproduce the challenging shape with unparalleled accuracy.
      2. Since its first flight in 1958, the F-4 has achieved significant military results in numerous combat areas, including the Vietnam War and the Gulf War, and has long been used all over the world for a variety of different purposes. SWS kits bring you the fascinating and diverse variety of F-4s altered to fit various locations, military units, duties, and more.
      3. This kit features the VF-142 'Ghostriders' marking from the last period of F-4J use by the squadron. The vertical stabilizer is boldly painted in orange-yellow to signify the second squadron. The rudder is decorated with the multicolored stars that designate a CAG aircraft. This version was used in the Vietnam War starting from the Tonkin Incident in 1964.

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